40 for 40 Series: 40 things left to do

This could be called a “Bucket” list but these are just things that I want to experience before my time is up. I’m 40 today, just about halfway till the age that my Grandpa DeQuattro passed, so I feel like I’ve got some time left but not a ton. Having a daughter who is turning 3 in July and having brothers and a sister who are younger than me remind me that we all grow up and we all get old. We only get one run at this so we better make it count.

Just like the previous post – there isn’t an order of importance to these items. These are just things I haven’t done yet and would like to do during the next 40 years.

40. Go to Seattle 

It’s weird but I’ve never been to the pacific northwest. I’ve been to ever other major city in America BUT Seattle. That will change very soon.

39. Learn to play the drums

I’ve been tapping my fingers and pencils (getting in trouble for it too) since I was 10 years old. Might as well learn to play an instrument that comes naturally but finding the time will be key.

38. Cross off the last 7 states

I’ve been to 43 of the 50 states. I think Alaska will be the most difficult one left to get to see. 

37. Go to England 

This one comes off the list in July as we are planning on doing this for my 40th bday to see U2! 

36. Go to Italy 

Won’t happen in July but it will happen soon. I’ve never been to Europe but I think I will be going there a few times over the next 40 years. 

35. See R.E.M. live 

Now, they have to get back together for this to happen but they are the only group I haven’t seen live that I would say is part of “favorite” category of bands. I need to see these guys. 

34. See Oasis in England 

I’m seeing Noel Gallagher of Oasis open for U2 in July. I think this will count for a check mark. 

33. Drive a car over 150 mph 

I will do it legally of course and on a track but I love speed. 

32. Meet a U.S. President 

I love politics and I’ve always been intrigued by those who have held the highest office in our land. So few people have ever seen what they have seen. 

31. Watch my daughter graduate from college 

Maybe a weird bucket list item but this is really important to me. I want to see her became an adult and know that she is going to be ok when my time is up. 

30. Take a picture with all 4 major pro trophies 

I’ve got one of the 3 Red Sox World Series trophies and the 2016 Cleveland Cavalier’s NBA trophy. 2 more to go.

29. Scuba Dive in Hawaii 

It’s the one thing I didn’t do in Hawaii and I really want to. I gotta learn to scuba dive first but that shouldn’t be hard. 

28. Attend a Super Bowl as a fan 

I’ve been to the World Series as a fan but I’d love to go to a SB as one too. Pats have a few left in them right? 

27. Interview Tiger Woods 

I’ve been following Tiger Woods since I was 11. He is just a little older than me but when I was learning how to play golf his name was one that I always followed. He became the greatest golfer on the planet but man have things changed for him. I would love to talk to him about his journey and growing up in the time that we did. 

26. Learn the ability to live in the ‘now’

I’m always been envious of people who have the ability to live in the moment. I’ve always been someone who is looking at the next job, next market, next sale, next, next, next. I am aware that doing that has caused me issues in my professional and personal life. Changing that or at least developing a skill to slow that down is a big focus for me in my 40’s. 

25. Meet either Bono, Ani DiFranco, or Eddie Vedder 

I just want to say thank you for the hours of entertainment and thought-provoking lyrics that these three of provided to me. Their minds helped mine to grow in ways they will never know. 

24. See a Manchester United soccer match 

I don’t know if I can do this in July but I really want to see what a major soccer match in England is like compared to our football games here. 

23. Cover the World Cup 

I’ve covered the postseason in every other sport … why not the biggest of them all worldwide. 

22. Live in Washington D.C.

It’s my favorite city that I’ve never lived so far. I’d love the chance to live there at some point. I lived in Old Towne Alexandria for 3 months but that doesn’t count. 

21. Win a jackpot of more than $1,000 here in Vegas 

Doesn’t have to be huge but I want to win a progressive jackpot of some level. I’ve never won more than $1,000 so that’s a goal or more like a desire. 

20. Learn to fly a plane 

I’ve always wanted to be a pilot and have thought about taking lessons for a long time. I think this will be an activity for me later on but for sure something I want to do. 

19. Play Augusta National 

I have walked the course but I want to play it. Bad. Just an amazing course that TV does not do justice. So, so pretty and so tough. 

18. Go to the end of the Florida Keys

I don’t know why this is so interesting to me but I really want to say I’ve been to the end of the US. Maybe it’s cause I like the show “Bloodline” but I want to see that part of Florida.

17. See a Canadians game in Montreal 

This is similar to seeing a soccer game in Manchester, England. It’s the belly of the beast of the sport. 

16. Perform a song in a band 

After learning how to play the drums, I want to play a Metallica song at a bar with a band. Lars is my favorite drummer so I’d love to do that. Long ways away from that lol. 

15. Get a tattoo 

I’ll do this next month with my mom and sister here in Vegas. 

14. Have a custom suit made 

Now will I ever blow $3,000 on a suit? I don’t know. But I’d sure like to at some point. 

13. Be involved in a political campaign

In today’s America, I think this is very important to be active in our civil process of election. At what level? I don’t know yet but I want to be involved and see how it’s done. 

12. Go to the Ohio State vs. Michigan football game

I’ve been to Army-Navy, Alabama-Auburn, and Iowa-Iowa State. I’ve got one more big rivalry college football game to see now. 

11. Go on a African safari 

Maddy loves animals and zoos. I’d love to have her see animals in their natural place. 

10. Learn to shoot a compound bow 

I don’t know why I’ve wanted to learn how to do this but I just do. There is a place here in Vegas I’m going to try to do that. 

9. See a music festival in England

I highly doubt I will ever get to do this but I really want to see how bonkers those things are. 

8. Drink a Guinness at the brewery in Ireland 

Yes, this is a tourist thing but I want to taste a pure stout as soon as it’s ready to drink.  

7. See the final round of the British Open 

If you are sensing a trend here, you aren’t wrong. A lot of things I want to do are in Europe but I’ve been to the Masters. Now I want to see the original golf major. 

6. See the Kurt Cobain memorial in Aberdeen, Washington

I will do this for sure when I go to Seattle. This will be pretty emotional for me when I do.

5. Hear Temple of The Dog perform “Hunger Strike” and “Say Hello To Heaven”

I don’t care if that is the only 2 songs they play if/when I see them but I have to hear those songs live before I go. And Chris must be singing them. 

4. Re-open DeQuattro’s Restaurant 

This was my Grandfather’s restaurant in Andover, Ma. I’ve always wanted this to my retirement plan, to own and operate the establishment of my family. 

3. Hit a hole-in-one

I’ve come close but I’ve played golf for 28 years now without one. I won’t stop until I get one of those damn things lol. 

2. Play 18 holes with my daughter

I have no idea if she will like golf or not but I really hope that one day we get to play a round together. 

1. See my 100th birthday 

I don’t know if I will be able to do this but I think hitting triple digits would be really cool. 

Thanks for reading these and I hope you will continue to come to this blog over the next few weeks for more fun ramblings from me.