New Site .. Kind Of

new-site-logoSO I lost the entire history of this website in October … 3 years – POOF – gone. I was not happy about this but I had a big fight with GoDaddy over it and they wanted $150 to recover three years of nothing and I decided that it was best to just start over.

I didn’t say anything all that interesting anyways and if we are being honest, the only thing I cared about was my “25 favorite albums” lists of each year. Those are in my head pretty much anyways so I said fuck it and hit reset.

This site was started to help me get a job. However, I have a great one now and new podcast too! I hope you will listen to The Perrault Vault Podcast because I’m really excited that I get to swear on-mic finally.

Now that you found the new site, I hope you find it as fun as before and enjoy the new changes. One new item is that I’m not going to approve comments on posts anymore. You can contact me using the links above. If you have a question or a comment on something I write, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m sure many of you will and I’m sure you will enjoy telling me to go fuck off but the spam was unreal on the old site. I’m just going to ignore the comment section now.

I’m going to really try to work on this site a lot in 2017. It’s my resolution for the new year. I’m hopefully going to actually put some real thought down and try to find my voice again. I feel like I’ve been muted down to Facebook rants or 140 character tweets these few years. It was easy to fall into that with a new baby and it seemed like the simplest way to juggle everything that was going on and still fire off my opinion.

Now, Madeline is 2, we are living in Las Vegas and I’m finding myself in need of an writing outlet. I’m not going to worry about every post being a work of art. Too often I’m trying to be perfect with these and don’t want to just throw out shit but so much of the internet IS shit. So, why shouldn’t I contribute to the pile. I keep telling myself that I should just be happy that a few people care enough to actually read it.

My plan is to try to do a lot more 300-500 word posts. That will allow me to say what I need to but not get burned out of it all. I find so many interesting things online and put them on Twitter and Facebook instead of this site. I’m going to try to change that in 2017. I’m going to try to have this be a hub that I use my other social media accounts to drive an audience here.

Will I be able to do that? I don’t know. I’m going to try though. Wish me luck and thanks for reading as always!!

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